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Pay afterwards using iDeal
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No vague agreements and/or prices

We know that there are a lot of “vague” figures who are window cleaners and are unclear about prices. With us, you can calculate the price online and then make an appointment. You decide whether we should come 1 time or more often. So you are not stuck with anything and we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. That is so reassuring.

How does our window washing in Amsterdam work


You make an appointment online

  • you use the appointment module
  • you specify the number of windows
  • you decide when and how often

We visit

  • No need to be at home
  • We wash your windows
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

You can pay afterwards with iDeal

  • You do not need to have money
  • You get an invoice afterwards
  • You simply pay with iDeal

Who does the window cleaner in Amsterdam work for?


Do you live with your family or alone. And do you want clean windows. Don’t wait any longer. We are here to serve you!


Your building is the look and feel of your business. So a shame not to have clean windows for your business premises.


The best window cleaner for your store. Clean windows mean a better look for customers.

Window cleaners for VvE's

Are you part of an association of owners (VvE)? Choose our VvE Window Cleaning service.


Don’t look out through dirty windows. We are the window cleaner for your office.


Looking for a window cleaner for your restaurant? Look no further.

Make an appointment with the Amsterdam window cleaner

Want to know what it costs to have the window cleaner come by or want to make an appointament online?

Why the Window Cleaner of Amsterdam

Many people want to hire a window cleaner for 1 time or more but don’t because they don’t want to be tied down to anything. We at the Window Cleaner of Amsterdam are transparent in our prices, we clean your windows at a competitive rate and you decide when and how often we come.